• Start off by playing outside (maybe inside depending on weather) ~15 minutes

  • Come inside

  • If there are more than 4 people, we’ll have the kids separate into 4 groups and have them define segregation and give anything that they know about segregation. If we’re running low on people, we’ll go around the circle and have kids give their definitions and what they know. We could possibly write down what they say on a whiteboard or paper. ~10 minutes.

  • Give a formal yet understandable definition of segregation and ask them what they think it means and what they know about it. (10 minutes)
    Incorporate them in with some questions: What would you do right now if you had to go to the restroom or go get a drink? How would you feel if I told you that you couldn't use the same restroom or water fountain as ……… because of the way you look? Why does it make you feel like that?

  • Explain the history of segregation (use slides of segregated bathrooms, use artwork). (5 minutes)

  • Introduce housing (10 minutes):Have everybody grab a cup, make two sides of the room, and tell the kids to go to whichever side I tell them because of their shoes. Go around the room with allergy friendly candy and give kids on one side of the room less and one side more.Go around and ask them how it makes them feel.

  • Give everybody equal amounts and let them start eating. Start talking about housing.

  • Introduce Kansas City: questions (10 minutes): Has anybody here been to the jazz museum or the negro leagues museum? Does anybody know why it's not in the middle of brookside or prairie village? Introduce JC Nichols and troost. Use slides of race distribution in Kansas City. 

  • Ask some follow up questions about how they feel and what they learned.

  • If there is extra time, let them use their notebooks to reflect on the lesson.