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Dana Abou-Diab, Joss Aiken

Michelle Maria Gómez Álvarez

Matheus Alves, Bhagyashree Barman

Audry Barré, Drizzle Bayer

Elizabeth Bowling, Rayna Bowman

Laila Carter, Mion Charity

Dominique Cuningkin, R´keria Davis

Krishi Desai, Shivani Deshmukh

Molly Duke, Taylor Drummer

Sophia Gotham, William Graham,

Augustus Hoff, Alexandre Joissains,

Katherine Kallas, Nataly Kazzi

Rehma Khan, Ashley Kim,

Jeanna Laine, Joanna Lau

Jasmine Li, Ileana Viridiana Romero Lopez

Minerva Macarrulla, Ava Minu-Sepehr

Pablo Montalvão, Priscila Oliveria Nascimento

Sidra Nizami, Rachel Otero

Trudy Pearce, Alex Perez

Hector Manuel Orreaga Ramirez

Paloma Ximena Becerril Ramirez

Chloe Jane Rosenstock, Natalie Rovello

Thayse Souza dos Santos

Giselly Kamily de Jesus Santos

Katherine Vandermel, Narine Verdiyan

Faith Emily Victoria, Somya Wadhwa,

Rialin S. Yasay

The World is Waking Up: Poetry of Resistance from Youth Around the World, a collection of the best poems submitted to the Poetry of Resistance Contest can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/World-Waking-Up-Poetry-Resistance/dp/1950380572/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=clara+rabbani&qid=1569100189&sr=8-1

Thank you so much to those who participated in our contest. We had more than 250 submissions from 18 US States and 12 countries around the world: Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, England, Mozambique, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Philippines and China. We were humbled and honored to read your poems and witness their power and beauty.  

Ten judges, members of the SJC and a local poet, Annie Newcomer, deliberated for two weeks and the top 13 poems were sent to Slam Poetry World Champion, Joaquin Zihuatanejo. Below are this year’s winners:

1st place: “Between Dawn and Indigo” by Joanna Lau, New York

2nd place: “Baba in My Dream” by Ava Minu-Sepehr, Oregon

3rd place: “Thanksgiving” by Chloe Jane Rosenstock, California, “Fruit Fly Thoughts” by Krishi Desai, New Jersey, and “Arma das Minorias” by Priscila Oliveira Nascimento, Sergipe, Brazil.

Besides English, poems were submitted in French, Spanish and Portuguese