Lesson 2: Stereotypes

Outdoor game (10 minutes): tag and keep a balloon in the air.

Discussion (10 minutes): talk about last session's discussion on fairness and how it relates to stereotype.

  1. Ask them to define “stereotype”
  2. Is stereotyping good or bad?
  3. Have you ever seen stereotyping
    a. At school?
    b. On TV?
    c. Online?
    d. In books?
    e. With friends or family?
  4. Have you ever had someone try to fit you into a stereotype? How did that feel?


Discussion (10 minutes)

  1. Have you ever assumed something about someone because of a stereotype - gender, race, age, etc.
  2.  Have you ever assumed:
    a) that a girl wouldn’t be good at sports?
    b) that someone wouldn’t understand something because they were younger than you?
    c) that you wouldn’t be friends with someone because of the way they look or sound?d) Did they prove you wrong?

Stereotyping game about gender roles (10 minutes)

Half a whiteboard for “boys” and the other half for “girls” and have them go to the board and write one stereotype for each gender.

  1. Talk about how this makes them feel
  2. Are these stereotypes fair? Why or why not?

Write or draw in journals how stereotyping makes it difficult to treat others with justice. (5 minutes)